Posted by: saykim | May 13, 2008

More Than Joy

Memories are cherished and last a life time. One of the many funniest moments in my life with my 3 wonderful children took place when I was teaching my oldest child who was 15(she is 22 years old now and married)how to drive.

She was very responsible even at that age and that gave me confidence to teach her how to drive knowing that my life was in her hands. We had a Festiva( which was nothing more than a skate, and if I’d had one more Festiva I would have had a pair of skates and off I would’ve gone!) back then, and it was a stick shift. I grew up driving a stick shift and I figured it wouldn’t hurt my children to learn to drive one. Well as we all know when your learning to coordinate your feet between the clutch and the gas pedal, taking off is a bit of a challenge. There is a lot of coughing and sputtering(yes, I mean from the car, not me!)when you first take off.

One day we were all in the car, my 3 children and I,(my oldest daughter, my youngest daughter who was 8 years old, and my son who was 7 years old at that time)in the parking lot at our church. The parking lot was empty, so I backed up the car as far as I could go and then told my daughter to switch seats with me and practice. She got in the drivers seat, and when she let off the clutch and pressed on the gas pedal, the car sputtered and shook and stalled. All of a sudden, my son started crying as hard as he could. I looked at him and he was truly shaken and upset. I tried to calm him down, but he screamed, “Don’t let Tanya drive, mom we will all die!”(in a parking lot…hmmm) Now how’s that for a confidence booster.

One other time, we were all in the Festiva and it was winter. When ever water got under the hood, sometimes the car would cough and sputter and shake also. Once again, we were all in the car, and we were headed to church on a Sunday morning. I was driving down our road and came to a stop at (yep you guessed it!) a stop sign. Upon taking off, the car decided to cough and sputter. My youngest daughter said, “Mom, whats wrong with the car?” Without skipping a beat, my son pipes up, “Don’t you know? This is what the care does when Tanya’s driving.”